Minimalistic chat app for web, desktop, etc.


Chatminal is meant to be minimal and fast.

Not packed with features like last-seen, typing indicator, profile picture, stories, broadcasting, delete or edit messages, registration, phone number, unique username, email, etc.


Read the sections below and choose the installation you prefer. Android app coming soon.

Web (Browser)

Click Chatminal Web to open the web app in your browser.

Windows (Desktop App)

You can download and install the Windows installer from the releases page.

Linux (Desktop App)

You can install using Snapcraft or see releases for other formats like deb, rpm, etc.

Source codes

Here's a list of Chatminal repositories:

Contact us

Email us at [email protected] and share your experience or feedback.

Built with

Here's a list of cool things made Chatminal possible.


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